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Welcome back to contribute with Tribute, a space where we interview collaborators and their charity of choice for our current collection. Tribute’s newest collaboration is with Thailand’s heartthrob, actor, and designer: Luke Ishikawa Plowden. This campaign follows the conclusion of his role as the male lead in the successful drama “Oh My Boss.” We were able to reveal his inspirations for this project and learn more about who he is as a person.
Luke’s collection, Stronger, contributes with Tribute to the Up for Thailand organization. They are dedicated to gathering and dispersing food, clean water, medical supplies, and other necessities to COVID-19 victims. They also promote service hotlines for anyone who needs immediate help. Given the current situation in Thailand, Luke felt that it was important to give back to Thailand in times of trouble. He talked about how the launch of this campaign is important as Stronger is devoted to helping COVID-19 victims in Thailand.
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TRIBUTE x Luke Ishikawa
Including the charitable aspect, this campaign excited Luke as this is his clothing brand: Voyage’s first collaboration. Voyage’s core message is about “you going on your own personal journey and looking good doing it.” While Tribute is dedicated to paying it forward while styled in custom artist design. Thus, according to Luke, “Tribute and Voyage together is all about helping people and looking good doing it.”
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Stronger Collection
The process of working with Tribute’s design team was seamless as it brought Luke’s vision to life with ease. His vision encompassed the theme of strength in relation to a community coming together as one to fight against all the atrocities in the world. The glitch design in the collection captures “how the world is going through tough times,” and the word stronger encapsulates “how we’re trying to fight against it together.”
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Living Through the Pandemic
As the world continues to battle the pandemic, Luke explained to us that living through it taught him “to look on the brighter side of things” as it can be hard to understand how to withstand unpredictable, tough circumstances, but if you “stay strong as a community [then] you can get through anything.” This wasn’t just a message to his fans, but a message to his community that he cares so much for.
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Getting to Know Luke Personally
After talking about the campaign, we wanted to focus on lighter topics to learn more about Luke, including what his day-to-day fashion was like. He likes to sport “nice, Voyage products, great Nikes, and some awesome jeans” for an overall “casual, clean, [and] stylish” vibe.
Continuing on with the fun conversation, we were curious what his favorite food choices were, and so when asked what dish he would eat for the rest of his life, he responded without hesitation saying, “Vietnamese noodle soup, Pho.”
In his short tenure of being an actor, he has risen to popularity quickly. As such, perfecting a routine to apply across various roles is essential. When asked what his acting method is for the different shows he has completed, he simply stated that, “It’s all about belief,” - about belief in your character and understanding their situation. Becoming a part of the story “will get you far.”
The final question we asked Luke was about what he would do if he weren’t a celebrity, which ended up being him detailing what a normal day at home for him looked like. The heartthrob likes to work out and eat lots of healthy foods, but he would need to switch up his routine sometimes because even he likes to have a cheat day and snack on junk food as well. However, even on a normal day, Luke can’t give up his passion for acting as he likes to watch TV on his day off while learning from other acting performances. When not eating or acting, he likes to wind down by reading a lot of books. 
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