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Contribute with Tribute, a space where we interview collaborators and their charity of choice for our current collection. Our latest collaboration is with Korea’s first Indonesian idol, Loudi! He is currently planning his solo debut as he works with Tribute to give back to home country and fans. For this collection, Tribute and Loudi partnered with Human Initiative to bring the people of Indonesia COVID relief. 
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Contribute with Tribute
Loudi explained how he believes that his fans may already know that he wants to give back to them for all of the constant love and support he has received since the beginning of his career. He spoke about how he hasn’t been able to “give back all the love and support” that he’s “received until now.” Now that the opportunity has presented itself, he wants to give back as much as he can. Loudi also expressed that having the opportunity with Tribute has given him the amazing opportunity to give back and contribute to society in the midst of the pandemic.
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Style inspiration for the collection
Loudi’s style inspiration for this collaboration is the blue rose. The significance of symbols is miracle, hope, and the impossible. Most of all, the blue rose is the nickname and symbol that his fans have given Loudi since his debut, so it really is meaningful for him and his fans. 

Who is your tribute?
For Loudi, there's a lot of people that inspire him in music and if he could go on, the list would be endless. He explained that if there’s a person or a group that really inspires him as a musician, person, and artist, it would be SHINee’s leader Onew. Loudi was inspired to be an artist that carried similar characteristics such as having his own distinctive color and good work ethic. 
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What do you want your fans to take away from this collection?
Loudi emphasized how his fans have been supporting him through all his trials and tribulations, thus they are the biggest reason he is able to hold on and pursue his dreams. Especially during the pandemic, Loudi wants to send a message to his fans telling them that even if life seems hard and impossible, if you keep holding on and believing in yourself, we will get through this together.

The Meaning of Loudi
Loudi is actually from a Greek word loudi which means flower — a blooming flower. In his search for his stage name, Loudi came to the realization that this name was very fitting for him. It was the perfect metaphor that depicted his growth and process as an artist.
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Fashion & Style
Loudi refers to his fashion as “indescribable” as his style as a mix of modern, unisex, and genderless fashion. He is a strong believer in wearing what he wants and is always saving images that help create his desired look. If he cannot find the style that he likes, he will even make it himself. Loudi’s favorite part of styling is to layer, mix, and match his outfits to create his ideal looks. 

Influence from Multicultural Background
Coming from a really multicultural background, Loudi was dealt experiences that most do not encounter. He’s had to experience loneliness from not knowing where he fits in because he felt as if he was different from everyone else. But he held on until he accepted his reality and became who he believed he should be. Now he knows that his background strengthens him and makes him unique. His multicultural background now brings him a broader perspective and inspires his creative process.

Life & Leisure 
Loudi dabbles in a handful of leisure activities during his free time. He mostly enjoys artistic activities like drawing, watching movies, and listening to music. But he also likes cooking for his friends or learning something new such as a language. He’s also started to practice ASL again.

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