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What does the TRIBUTE slogan 'Close to Your Heart' symbolize?
I wanted to express the pure heart of ALEXA children. The symbol embroidered on the left chest as if hugging a doll represents the concept of the collection. It literally means to keep your heart in your heart, but it also means to keep what you value.

What does the TRIBUTE logo design symbolize?
ALEXA First, the concept and direction were clear. After that, the first thing that came to mind was a teddy bear. Based on the philosophy of 'the more you add, the better', a heart and a smile pattern were added. The design was inspired by the youth culture of the 1990s. This is perfectly connected to the comeback concept.
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TRIBUTE What is your style?
ALEXA I usually prefer tech wear style street fashion, which is a future-oriented fashion. On cloudy days, enjoy a casual look with a T-shirt and sweatpants.

TRIBUTE Who do you admire the most?
ALEXA parents, especially mothers! Her mother was a Korean adopted child. I wanted to focus on helping the little ones who were once a mother too. I want to dedicate this campaign to my mother.
TRIBUTE I grew up in a multicultural family. How have different cultures influenced your identity?
ALEXA It is a great blessing to be inspired by various cultures. Through colorful music, movies, and food, he is open to heterogeneous cultures and has no objection to accepting different cultures. My parents' open education also influenced my style now.
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What do you want to convey through the TRIBUTE 'AleXa×Close to Your Heart' campaign?
ALEXA Childhood memories are precious, but we often forget the importance of memories. I wanted to spread the innocence in those memories, the warm and happy memories I felt as a child, to many people. They also hoped that young children in need could receive support.
TRIBUTE What do you want your fans to feel through this collaboration campaign?
ALEXA There are always moments when you need a helping hand. So, don't be afraid to ask for help. my fandom is lovely
I believe in being able to take care of others. Inspired by the constant love, kindness and support they showed me, I completed the design. The core of this collection is to respect and care for others, help those in need, and spread that happiness.
기본 정보
Product Name AleXa x Close to your Heart
Overview The super rookie Alexa is drawing attention from all over the world, starting with AAA Focus at the 2020 Asian Artist Awards. The journey to donate to Good Neighbors has begun with Tribute.

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