Oasi Zegna, meaning 'Oasis of Zegna', is about 100 square meters of Zegna connecting Trivero and La Valle del Cervo, located in the Alps in northwest Italy. It refers to a public ecological park and environmental protection project formed in an area of a kilometer. Oasis Zegna is an achievement and a product of Zegna's commitment to social and environmental responsibility as the main corporate value for the past 110 years.
Zegna's founder, Ermenegildo Zegna, has worked hard to reconstruct and preserve the forest near the Ranificho wool factory, which he established in Trivero in the Biella region of northern Italy since 1930. Oasis Zegna is close to a peaceful wilderness, even though it is a park that has been built with labor and cost over a long period of time. The beautiful ridge of the Biella Alps, stretching from the summit of Mount Bielmonte, the highest in Oasi Zegna, is truly spectacular. Zegna started a large-scale reforestation project in the area in the 1930s and planted more than 500,000 conifers, emphasizing these activities as the main corporate value of Zegna and taking the lead in nature conservation. Since 1993, it has been contributing to the society by promoting the protection of animals and plants and environmental education projects living in the Oasis Zegna region. It opened a space for residents of nearby villages working in the Zegna factory and tourists visiting the mountains to come in contact with nature and breathe with it through Oasis Zegna. It allowed me to receive several benefits.
Since its foundation in 1910, Zegna, a family business, has emphasized the public interest as much as family love. This is because Ermenegildo Zegna had the goal of leaving a better life for the next generation by not only making the highest quality fabrics, but also developing Zegna's hometown and surrounding areas into environmentally friendly places. In addition to investing in the environment through Oasi Zegna, Zegna established the Zegna Center in the Ranificho wool factory for workers and residents, and built hospitals, schools, and leisure facilities within it to promote social welfare. . Zegna has pursued social contribution, community development, and sustainable development as important corporate values, following the founder's will to preserve the environment. are doing This responsibility and effort for environmental protection continues to this day.
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Product Name Responsibility for environmental protection and sustainability Oasis Zegna
Overview In search of a public ecological park created by Italian menswear brand Zegna by planting 500,000 trees over 110 years.

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