Last November, Alexander McQueen announced that he would support A Team Arts Education, a youth art education institution located in London's Tower Hamlet district. It supports the dream and promotes the development of London's downtown area. Their hometown, the East End, is one of the UK's youngest and most diversely populated areas and is growing very rapidly. Team Art Education is based at The Brady Arts and Community Center and provides families at the heart of the local community. and build trust with the local community and help youth and their parents see creative fields, careers, and university-supported education from a broader perspective. The institution began to focus on art in 2009 when the social work expert Berni Yates of Central Saint Martins worked to systematically introduce education to young people. In the UK, the target audience for the program is students aged 11 to 18, because many young people in the UK are unable to take creative classes at GCSE (the UK's Secondary Education Qualifications Test) or A level (the UK university admissions process). Team Art Education provides a way for these youths to create a portfolio, apply for an art preparatory course, build their skills, and receive a higher education.
Opening the door to high-quality education for future generations
Alexander McQueen's Creative Director Sarah Burton, revealing the special relationship Lee Alexander McQueen grew up with in the East End, explains the purpose of the project to support the Ducation to Team Art: “As Lee Alexander McQueen spent his childhood Being able to support young people in London's East End area is very important to us. We know that talented people can be born anywhere, no matter where they come from. At this time, the scope of British art education is narrow and high school There is a class that is marginalized from physical opportunities, and young people are under pressure. At such a time, McQueen House has been working with Art Education, a team that runs fashion, textile, art, and design programs through outstanding grassroots activities.
I was inspired by a lot of humility.” The relationship between Alexander McQueen and Team Art Education was further strengthened as Sarah Burton provided educational volunteer work with in-house designers during the pandemic. While Alexander McQueen's other educational projects target universities and college students across the country, Collaboration with Team Art Education is different in that it creates a practical link for younger local youth. In fact, this collaboration utilizes school holidays or Saturday programs that allow more free and active art activities. Sarbjit Natt, director of Team Art Education, expressed high expectations for this collaboration and added: “Schools and local institutions are reducing the budget and supply of art museums, but after the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus has passed, art is necessary for people to recover positive energy and reunite. With Alexander McQueen, we will be able to bring inspiration, hope and opportunity to this downtown area, which used to be a part of the fashion and textile industry, but is now shrouded in layers of history and changing urban landscape. I think it will be of great help in developing art education in a positive direction for the youth living there and furthermore for the local community.”
Alexander McQueen announced that he plans to financially support Team Art Education in 2022 and expand workshops and classes for youth and teachers, which he started as a pilot program in 2020. In addition, as part of 'The Explore Programme', a fashion, textile, art, and design career introduction program run by Team Art Education, we provide young people with an experience working with Alexander McQueen's design, textile, and embroidery experts. say they will In addition to the project supporting team art education, Alexander McQueen will also support an insight program in Central Saint Martins, directed by social work expert Bernie Yates, for young people who cannot take art courses at school. Alexander McQueen intends to lay the groundwork for the dynamic growth of diverse talents who will contribute to society and shoulder the future of the fashion industry through educational projects that open the door to high-quality education for future generations.

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Overview Britain's leading brand Alexander McQueen has partnered with Team Art Education, a youth art education institution, to support the dreams of youth and promote the development of London's downtown area.

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