The era of K-pop leading the global music market has begun. And the Seoul Future Music Alternative School (hereinafter Mirae Music), which opened in September 2020, has a leading role in K-pop. Miraeeum is a school that dreams of breaking away from the limits of public education and dreaming of a new alternative education for practical music that has never existed before. Here, the best teachers acknowledge and accommodate the differences in individual speed so that all students can move forward without faltering to achieve their dreams, and instruct students to develop their artistic talents on their own. Park Hae-mi, a musical actress and chairperson of Mirae-eum, introduced Mirae-eum as “a place where you can build the best career through various experiences such as participating in concerts as well as appearing on TV and releasing music through customized education for each student.” In order to provide a more professional and advanced education, he has reorganized or created a lively curriculum such as the musical major and the EDM major. In particular, in the case of the musical major, he expressed his will to use his strengths in the field to provide students with stage experiences and to build careers in the field. The opening of the EDM major is the result of an 'open curriculum' that listens to the voices of students who are sensitive to the latest trends and flexibly adjusts the curriculum to suit them. Art education is like jewelry crafting, which discovers the talents of each student hidden like a gemstone, and cuts and polishes them so that they can shine more brilliantly. Therefore, Miraeeum aims for a living education rather than a stereotyped and rigid education. The cornerstone of future sound is Shooting Star Star Donation and World K Pop Center. The World K Pop Center, which was in charge of training for the shooting star Donation, which leads the spread of the donation culture of stars, and the training of <Produce × 101>, which shook the game of idol audition programs, is the talent donation of numerous stars, and professional manpower in the K-pop Hallyu market. Through a network formed through rich experiences of training and dissemination, Miraeeum students are provided with various field experiences and differentiated opportunities.
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Product Name 우리의 미래, 서울미래음대안학교
Overview The foundation of Seoul Future Music Alternative School, a music school founded by musicians, is Star Donation and World K-Pop Center. The World K-Pop Center, established to become the cornerstone of the Hallyu cultural system, and the Star Donation, which has been carrying out donations based on the talent donation of stars, provides students of Seoul Future Music Alternative School with diverse experiences and opportunities based on their rich experience and human resources. are providing

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