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Tribute, well-known for their charitable street fashion and collaborations, is now running a campaign with “Look of the Year” and “Arum”.
Look of the Year Korea is a super model competition that originated from Italy with world renowned supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Irina Shayk.
This is a competition that searches for none other than “the look” that will represent Korea in multiple divisions ranging from adolescent to senior models. 
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Arum is a Korean Model Association, in which supermodels have come together to create a charitable organization with the intention of spreading beauty back into the world. Tribute will be spinning off a new collaboration with the two organizations that will shake the fashion Korea with the “I AM” campaign. 
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Tribute will be spinning off a new collaboration with the two organizations that will promote Korea with the “I AM” campaign. 
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This collection specifically collaborates with models as this is a profession where they do not get to express themselves. 
Models work to sell a specific look or emotion that a brand desires to advertise and do not get to practice expressing who they are. 
The campaign’s main objective is to bring the spotlight back to ourselves to reanalyze what’s important to each of us in the midst of living our busy lives, to be proud of every bit of you and how far you’ve come as an individual.
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This campaign makes a statement about empowerment as the campaign’s initiative is to help individuals feel more comfortable and confident in one’s skin. Essentially to be proud and happy to be me. 
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What is the 3 words to describe yourself?
○ Kim Jae bum : Truthful, slow starter, super model     ○ Kim Jae hyung : Still, blue, relaxed    ○ Lee han yup : Hip hop, happiness
○ Lee hyun seo :  Freedom, Chill, Sexy    ○ Shin sun ah : Passionate, Adventure, multifaceted  ○ Jung kyung jin : Positive, special, Most like me
○ Go Ye seul : YOLO, happiness, freedom    ○ Han Daniel : Creator, blue, passion    ○ Lee ji eun : Soft on the outside/ Strong on the inside, 
  Eccentric, Blank Page   ○ Jung in woo : Coral, safe confidence, ambition  ○ Yun young jin : Handsome, chic, arrogant
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○ Lee wha sun : Responsible freedom, natural, natural ○ Song eun Ji : Blood type A, positive, loyal ○ Park sang ho : Sam, International Vibe, Human
○ Kang li hyun : Flower, happiness, passion ○ Kim min jin : Challenge, caring, bright ○ Han dong Kyun : Black, fashion, relaxed    
○ Lee Jin Sook : Kind, Responsible, Charity ○ Park jong moon : Attractive, Curious, Emotional ○ Na eun soo : Love, thoughts, ambition
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