Yang Jin-ok, who joined Good Neighbors in 1995 with the first open recruitment, became the CEO of Good Neighbors Future Foundation in 2020, going through various parts such as business and fundraising necessary for the organization and management of non-profit organizations. Hear the aspirations of a young female NGO leader who is launching a new project to support the welfare of seniors and active retirement activities.
editor LEE GO EUN photographer LEE JAE CHUL
Good Neighbors, which started as the Korea Neighborhood Society in 1991, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. It has been conducting various activities in 45 countries around the world, including child abuse, support for undernourished children, emergency relief, online donations and global citizenship education. We are unfolding a new blueprint in line with the times. Yang Jin-ok, who served as Good Neighbors Chairman in 2016 and then became the CEO of the newly launched Good Neighbors Future Foundation in September 2020, has been in charge of various business practices at Good Neighbors. Since joining the first open recruitment in 1995, he has served as the project team leader and the planning office manager for over 20 years. From fundraising program planning to regional surveys to promote new projects, planning and execution, mid- to long-term strategic direction and budget planning and management, etc. systematized and established a long-term vision. We interviewed her, who is promoting the creation of a community-friendly senior community town, including a retirement preparation school for seniors, a senior volunteer group, and a sharing program for children and youth.
After majoring in social welfare at THANKS GIVING (hereinafter referred to as TG) University, he started working in an international relief and development NGO in 1995 when he joined Good Neighbors as the first public recruiter. What motivated you to start working for an NGO? As I majored in social welfare at Yangjin-ok University, my interest in the field of public interest naturally grew. I joined a sign language volunteer club to inform about disability and volunteer. He has a very lively personality and likes people, so I wanted to do an active job where I meet a lot of people rather than sitting still, and I wanted to do something worthwhile that contributes to the public interest if possible. Then I came across a job advertisement. It was a new organization that I had never heard of, but my eyes were drawn to the third world relief development, especially among the fundraising, public relations, and resource development parts. It was as if I had met something I had only dreamed of until now, such as alleviating global poverty and creating a new culture of sharing and donation.
What training did you receive as a professional NGO manpower at TG Good Neighbors, and how did you gain experience?
Yang Jin-ok After passing the Good Neighbors recruitment, he received training for a new employee for a week, and then he was assigned to the fundraising department, where he started planning and executing the fundraising program. It was surprising to me that it was possible to make a difference in the world in which people living in hardship and suffering, finding good neighbors who want to help them, and connecting with each other, together. In addition, every moment was a challenge because we had to discover new problems and try new solutions. Most of Good Neighbors' work, such as child abuse, support for undernourished children, emergency relief, online donations and global citizenship education, was the first, so it had to be pioneered, and as a result of that challenge, it led to good changes. It also drew so much attention. After that, he took on the role of the project team leader and conducted a regional survey, planning, execution, and evaluation to promote a new business.
I was able to experience various businesses of Everse. While serving as the head of the planning department, he took charge of mid- to long-term strategic directions and budget planning and management, systematizing the operating system of a rapidly growing institution and establishing a long-term vision. As I entered the early stage and worked for a long time, I think I was able to learn and learn while going through various parts such as business and fundraising necessary for the organization and management of non-profit organizations. The founding spirit of Good Neighbors, which became Korea's representative global NGO, dreaming of a world in which we live together, has continued in 45 countries around the world 30 years later, and challenges are continuing. That is why I am proud to work as a Good Neighbors employee.
Among the activities planned or implemented by TG Good Neighbors, what do you feel most proud of?
Jin-Ok Yang The most memorable thing is the creation of a new mental health problem prevention program and counseling and treatment service for children in Korea at the private level. Although the problem of school violence among children and adolescents has become increasingly serious and the youth suicide rate has become a social problem for a long time as it ranks first in the OECD, there is no proper national policy in place and it is difficult for schools and parents to find easily accessible information and support methods. I felt that society was too far fetched. After contemplating how to solve these serious problems, in 2012, we developed and piloted an integrated preventive treatment center model for professional counseling and healing of children's psychological and emotional problems. There were a lot of concerns while implementing the project, but I thought it was essential to our society, so I knocked on the door of various places such as the government, companies, and the media to promote the project. Many experts, companies, and the media also came forward to support and participate. Above all, the school teachers and parents responded well because the space was prepared and operated in a child- and family-friendly way so that it can be easily accessed on site, at school, and at home. At our center, we focus on prevention rather than post-treatment of children's problems. The principle was to proactively discover and prevent children's problems in advance, and to heal children and their families together when there is a problem. Maybe that's why I came to the center for problems with children at first, but I've seen many cases where the whole family changes. It was so rewarding. Afterwards, the community's desire and response were good, so it was able to expand nationwide.
TG Where do you usually get ideas for new business?
Yang Jin-ok Investigating the various problems that occur to the marginalized in our society and finding ways to solve them starts with interest in people. It can be described as a process of meeting people with the same values and finding new ways to solve problems together.
In many cases, creative ideas are often required to make a plan and put it into action so that the method can be implemented concretely. It's important to keep finding and meeting the people you need for this job. Fortunately, I enjoy meeting and talking with various people, so I get ideas from that time and get new energy and strength in the process. And I try to take the time to organize what I have gained.
TG is currently in the midst of preparing for a new business as a representative of the Good Neighbors Future Foundation. What are your current projects and your main projects for next year?
Jinok Yang As a global NGO specializing in children's rights, Good Neighbors, which has been carrying out child-centered domestic and foreign businesses, is continuing the challenge while preparing to respond to future changes and new problems on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of its foundation. One of them is the future of super aging. The Good Neighbors Future Foundation was launched in September 2020 as a specialized senior service organization in order to respond to environmental changes in the country and to meet the needs of senior members for healthy aging and volunteering. Good Neighbors senior members who have contributed and donated to children and adolescents so that seniors can exchange their various experiences and capabilities with the younger generation and contribute to society is planning and promoting. In addition, we plan to introduce a new online platform tool for seniors to share and exchange information. In particular, noting that there are still insufficient residential environments and systems for seniors in Korea, a Korean-style senior community town model is studied and various experts We are promoting the creation of a community-friendly senior community town by establishing a network with the We plan to present a model for an aging-friendly environment village in preparation for the upcoming super-aging society.
In the case of TG Good Neighbors, Choi Soo-jong, Kim Hyeon-joo, and Kwang-hee have been appointed as goodwill ambassadors or public relations ambassadors. What are the positive effects of celebrity ambassadors?
Yang Jin-ok There is a lot of interest in donations and volunteer work, but there are many cases where they cannot participate due to lack of information or special reasons. Celebrities participating in campaigns or charitable events have a great publicity effect and give people a chance to practice sharing can make Their participation itself exerts a good influence and contributes to developing a culture of sharing. The goodwill ambassadors active in Good Neighbors have long-term relationships and continue to work. I am really moved by the sincerity, passionate participation in donations and volunteering, and the idea of promoting the campaign.
TG Sharing to become a 'good neighbor', how is it good to start? Yang Jin-ok Sharing is an expression of the value of participating as a member of society, and
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It starts with empathizing with the pain of people. In other words, sharing starts with interest in someone. It begins with interest in and expression of interest in close family, colleagues, and friends. Usually, it is easy to think that sharing is giving something to the target and changing the target person, but most people who practice sharing say that they became happy through sharing. Once you start sharing, you have the power to keep going.
Social practice doesn't have to be too grandiose, it just needs to start from something close and small. There are many things that can be shared if you are interested and search. Purchasing eco-friendly and fair trade products can also be a part of sharing, participating in charity projects promoted by clubs or meetings, donating points and small amounts accumulated on online platforms, or domestic poverty, overseas relief development, human rights It is also a good way to determine areas of interest, such as the environment and the environment, to find non-profit organizations to participate in campaigns and events, or to continuously participate in sharing through regular donations, even if it is a small amount. The practical ways of sharing are endless. The more you share, the more you learn and change your consciousness, and the sense of pride and reward naturally increases.
If you are a first-time TG sponsor, which of the Good Neighbors sponsorships should you start with?
Yang Jin-ok We are all living as a community in a big village called the global village. If you feel the responsibility to live as global citizens, the joy of participating, and the sharing and influence with people around you, I would like to start with a partnership with children abroad. I think it will be very meaningful and rewarding to practice sharing for future generations as we can exchange letters along with reports of children's growth and development.
TG In 2012, she became the secretary-general of an NGO, which is unusual for a young woman, and since then, she has been active as a president and representative. How does being a young female representative affect your activities?
Yang Jin-ok There are not many female leaders in non-profit organizations, so many people were surprised when they met me for the first time. This was especially true when I attended official events of the government or companies. However, since I became a leader through practical experience, and I have a strong sense of place and a high understanding of practice, such preconceived notions were not a problem at all. Rather, more and more people in various sectors come to me when they need advice or collaborate with non-profit organizations. Now, this organization is young and innovative, and most of them are interested and have a positive view.
What is the difference between TG NGO leadership and corporate leadership? Jin-Ok Yang The purpose of a non-profit organization itself is to pursue the public interest, not for profit, unlike corporations. Consideration and respect for marginalized neighbors, and social consensus
It is an important value. Since non-profit organizations are also organizations that produce efficiency and performance, general elements such as coping with rapidly changing trends, mid- to long-term strategies and management capabilities for sustainable growth are similar, but they are similar to corporate management leadership in terms of sincerity to social values and special mission reduction. There is a difference. As an amulet within the organization, it must have the same mission and values, so an organizational culture based on respect and consideration for co-workers is important. This is because a culture like this must be well maintained internally so that we can respect and support the people we want to help.
What is the most important virtue that a TG NGO should possess?
Jinok Yang NGO is a voluntary organization made up of donations and participation by citizens, so it gains sympathy from many people through good intentions such as charity, sharing and volunteering. Therefore, business can be continued only if it is based on professionalism and transparency in management and management. NGOs should clarify what they want to solve among various social problems. In other words, the field and purpose should be clear, and the standards, principles, and directions of business execution should be clear. In addition, for transparency, an organizational operating system that discloses the process and results of conducting business, fundraising planning and recruitment, and execution of budget and accounting should be in place so that it can be reported to donors and stakeholders on a regular basis. Recently, the expectations of donors have risen, and I think these virtues will be further strengthened in the future.
What plans or dreams do you have as a leader of TG Good Neighbors Future Foundation? Yang Jin-ok I think that I have been able to play many roles so far because of the challenging spirit of always pioneering new fields and the deep concerns that come with it. I hope that the various experiences in the non-profit sector that I have learned and learned over the years can contribute to preparing for the future of our society. If possible, I would like to meet with people from various sectors, share my experiences, and help in any form. Since last year, I have met donors who have practiced volunteering and sharing for a long time while conducting senior welfare projects, as well as many people preparing for a second life after retirement. Listening to their various stories, I came to know that these are the people who are ready to serve in earnest. For seniors, we provide counseling and education programs necessary for designing a new life, and a communication channel for volunteering and sharing, and We are trying to establish a nationwide network by organizing a professional volunteer group for We want to establish a healthy senior social contribution model that connects people in need with people who want to help, and actively exchanges and volunteers with the younger generation and seniors. In addition, we will strive to spread a new sharing culture led by seniors by creating a community of sharing where seniors can harmonize together.
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